Can you bring the Lil Photo Bus inside?
We love to go where the party is. With prior venue approval, a doorway to push our bus through, and at least a 6’x 12’ space to park, we are happy to bring the bus into your venue. If you're having an indoor event and want to chat more about bring the Lil Photo Bus experience inside, please reach out so we can chat

Can I see the Lil Photo Bus Prior to an Event?
We do our best to attend as many local events as possible. That makes seeing the Lil Photo Bus easy for most folks. However, if you’ve never experienced the bus, we are happy to schedule a time for you to come to our Glenwood Ave. headquarters in Raleigh to see the Lil Photo Bus. For a calendar of public events that we will be participating in, head over to our Calendar of Events page. 

Do you print on-site?
What is a photo booth with no photos? All of our packages include onsite printing of the images taken inside our booth. Even better, both the host and guest gets a copy of their photo strip in addition to the ability share instantly to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with our Social Media Kiosk

Do you post images to Social Media?
Yes! We always post images from our events to our own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and your guests can also post to their social media directly from your event by using our Social Kiosk. Our interactive experience allows you and your guests to create unique hashtags, GIF images, and even email or text their images.

Can you personalize my photo strips?
We always include the Lil Photo Bus logo on the bottom of each photo strip, but we can also add your event/corporate logo or name and date to the printed strip as well. We love helping you brand and personalize your special day!

Do you travel?
Lil Photo Bus' normal service area is in and around the Triangle, be we service all of NC, SC, and Va. IF you have an even outside of our normal area, please reach out so we can chat about your event.

Where did you come up with the idea to put a photo booth in a vintage bus?
VW Photo Bus companies are not a new idea. In fact, vintage VW buses with custom built photo booths inside are all the rage in the Western part of the country. We just thought it was time for the Southeast to get in on the fun!

  Who operates the bus during my event?
Each event includes at least one attendant to keep things moving smoothly.

  How does the Social Kiosk Work?
Our unique social kiosk enables you and your guests to instantly share and post images to Facebook and Twitter and requires a wi-fi connection to work. If Wi-Fi isn't available, don't worry, all of your images will be saved in our social media que and posted as soon as a network connection is available.

Can I use the bus as a prop in my photo shoot?
We love collaborating with photographers and coordinators for editorial shoots and photo minis. Head over to the For Photographers page for info on hourly rentals and collaborations.

  Do you ever donate Lil Photo Bus services for fundraiser or charity events?
YES! We pride ourselves in being a socially conscious business involved in the causes important in the communities we serve. We earmark a certain number of community and giving hours each year for this purpose. If you are interested in including Lil Photo bus for your fundraiser or charity event, please contact us with as much advance notice as possible so we can work out the details.

I don't care about your photo booth, how much for the bus?
We get this question ALL THE TIME, but Miss Jade isn't for sale.Sorry  

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