Raleigh Photo Bus | Your Wedding Day in 10 minutes or Less | The Miracle of Time Lapse Video

There’s absolutely no denying it. We all do it… stay awake late at night watching those fun cooking videos where everything is magically time lapsed and a complete 3 course meal with dessert is prepared on a single burner in less that a minute. We do it all the time. Time lapse videos are addicting. Whoever thought to combine cooking and time lapse is simply a genus in my book. And its not just cooking, we love anything that is sped up to mach speed and allows us to get the entire story in such a short period of time. After all we are living in a fast food world. And although its not our intention, we often want to get it all in a short period. Hello Netflix binge watching!!! Please don’t tell me I am the only one who watched the full season of House of Cards in just a day? Anybody?

Well, we knew we weren’t the only ones! Our couples do it to and now they can watch their entire Lil Photo Bus event in HD time lapse… set to music!!! Think of if Tasty and a photo booth met and had a baby!! We are now offering our wedding clients the opportunity to relive all of the fun from inside the bus. Each 4 hour event sped up to music and delivered digitally as a fun (and often funny) 6-10 video. Check out the highlight reel (where we take only the footage of our couples and create a 60 second video that is perfect for social media sharing) from Cierra + Sean’s wedding day, and get the full length version HERE.


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    These timelapse videos are so cool. As if it weren’t cool enough that you have a photo booth in a gorgeous VW bus.. the couples also get this?! You guys are amazing.

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